dog health eyes

dog health eyes

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Heart worms Q: When i got my dog from the humane society it stated she was negative for heart worms. she was started on heart worm meds about month later and has been on them for 1 year she recently had her heart worm test and it showed positive for heart worms. now what?? does she continue on preventative heart worm meds? does she need treatment for the worms? if so, what and for how long? i thank you for your information. ann swenson
A: If your dog tested positive for heartworms, you will need treatment from a veterinarian. usually it is done in 2 treatments and under controlled your veterinarian for more complete information.

Treatment for puppy Q: I have a black lab puppy (9.5 weeks old) and live in north carolina. there are lots of ticks, fleas and mosquitoes in my area. what should i use to treat my new puppy? thanks for your help.
A: For the added mosquito coverage you would use the k9 advantix.
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Cat Q: After my cat sleeps all night long on our sheets there are these brown seed-like pods, 3/32 long, what are they? she is on revolution, (into the 2nd month). she had the them before i started it and she still has them. thanks
A: Take them to vet for id and treatment
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Savannh monitor lizard Q: Hello i got a monitor lizard he''s 31/2 foot and have the cold what can i gave him to help with his running nose.
A: Without seeing your pet it is impossible for me to know what is wrong. i recommend having your pet checked by your veterinarian so the cause of the problem can be diagnosed and the appropriate treatment started.

Ear smell or infection Q: My dog has a bad odor coming from one ear.when you rub it you hear a gurgling sound.there is occasional discharge and weve been getting chunks of wax from it.can you diagnos this and recommend a treatment
A: It sounds like an infection and you should see your vet who can diagnose and treat it with appropriate medication.

Smelly ears Q: I have a 3 yrs old shitzu and i have afriend who has one also. i was told these kind of dogs have smelly ears becaus of they way their ears flop down. i was wondering if there is anything on pet meds i could get to help the smell and stop her from scratching her ears. the previous owner said the vet told her this breed of dog usually has skin dermatitis and the ear drainage issue. thanks, sherri & alley
A: I suggest you have them seen by your veterinarian so the cause of the problem can be identified and appropriate treatment started.

Worming Q: I took my mini schnauser to the vet at 8 weeks, he had worms, and they started him on a one time dose of oral worm medicine based on weight, and i was to bring him back in 2 weeks to get his weight to repeat a second dose. i was concerned b/c they said he had a very large number of roundworms, though i didnt see any passed after the medication was given. also, they did not give him medication for heartworm. i spoke to a friend of mine, who says the vet she took her dog to automatically treated her dog for roundworms and heartworm, so i took my dog there, and he treated my dog for both. my ? is did i do the right thing by having him tx for both, is it necessary?
A: The usual treatment of intestinal (round or hook) worms does recommend a re-treatment after 2 -4 weeks to insure comople removal.your treatment for heartworm prevention wil also prevent intestinal reinfestation. yes, you did right.

Ear infections Q: I have recently switched to scoopable scat liter. i notice that my cat that is strickly an indoor cat has an ear infection. i have been treating her with an ear miticide and have seen no results. i also have noticed that she always has litter stuck inbetween her toes. could the infection be from the litter?
A: Possibly but needs vet exam otoscopic exam of ear canal and discharge for proper diagnosis and treatment

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