Cannabis: The Cure For All Diseases

Cannabis: The Cure For All Diseases

In this world of ours, people are subject to the affliction of literally thousands of diseases and conditions. Disease greatly inhibits those that it affects, and causes unimaginable amounts of pain. Due to this, the world is constantly investing in new ways to fight disease, and rightly so. However, a panacea is actually within reach, and it comes from an illegal plant.

For over ten thousand years (and possibly much longer), cannabis has been one of the most useful plants for mankind. It has provided food, medicine, industry, and even spiritual influence, and for much of its history it was the number one medicinal plant. Science has also proven that delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the chief psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, kills cancer cells and inhibits tumor growth. There are also sixty other therapeutic cannabinoids in cannabis, all which work within our endocannabinoid systems, the superregulatory system that maintains homeostasis in everything else (as explained by Dr. Robert Melamede).

So what does this have to do with curing disease? A man named Rick Simpson discovered that concentrated cannabis extracts, collectively known as hemp oil, can cure anything if produced and administered properly. Between 2003 and 2006, Rick gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars of hemp oil for free, and found that anything he came across could be easily cured. This includes terminal cancer, MS, diabetes, arthritis, pain disorders, autoimmune disorders, mental disorders, and infections. It also greatly accelerates the healing of physical wounds, and eliminates the pain from even a third-degree burn. Many people have replicated Rick’s results with amazing success, and this does go far beyond one man.

The science that exists supports all these results. Disease is essentially an imbalance of some sort somewhere in the body, and being that the endocannabinoid system can restore balance, it makes sense that a natural medicine which works within this system could cure most problems. Just smoking cannabis has been shown to alleviate all kinds of things, so it also is sensible that a more powerful and pure version of this medicine could do much more. The proof is right in front of us; nobody has ever gotten cancer from smoking cannabis, even though the smoke does contain carcinogens. Dr. Donald Tashkin of UCLA suggested in his famous report that there “may even be some protective effect [from smoking cannabis].”

If you want to look in to this for yourself, visit PhoenixTears, as well as Rick’s page on Also, watch the documentary Run From the Cure.