The Importance of Milk in Schools

The Importance of Milk in Schools

Not many people realize it, but milk is an extremely important part of any child’s diet. In the United Kingdom it is one of the few drinks that schools are allowed to offer due to updated government standards. However, despite the new legislation and increased efforts to make it as easily accessible as possible, many children still don’t drink as much as they should.

How milk can help children?

Milk contains a number of nutrients that are essential to any child’s growth. Featured below are a few examples of how milk can help children lead a healthier lifestyle.

Milk contains nutrients such as calcium and protein, which aid the growth of strong bones, muscles and teeth. As children are still growing physical, it is extremely important that their bones and muscle tissue are as strong and healthy as possible.

Another key reason for children to have a good amount of milk in their diet is that it can fuel their minds. Drinking it is actually one of the best ways to rehydrate after spending a lunchtime running around the playground at a million miles an hour. Additionally, being well hydrated Is scientifically proven to help improve the concentration and attention spans of you minds in the classroom. This point alone should convince parents and teachers that it is paramount that children have access to the product, as they are little use to anybody if they can concentrate in class!

What parents and teachers can do to help?

Not a lot of parents fully understand the benefits that a good glass of milk can provide their children and it is important that they are made aware. If people had a better understanding you can bet that you would see more children consuming milk. As a result, if schools aren’t already doing so, it could be worth informing parents about the characteristics of milk just by sending home a short fact sheet. The parents can then make sure that their children has access to milk by either giving them a little extra money to buy their lunch at school everyday or by putting a carton of milk in their packed lunch.

At the end of the day, if the government have placed an emphasis on milk for schools and made it one of the few drinks available in school canteens people should take notice and make sure that their children and students have access to a healthy serving whenever they need it.