Why wait to Erase your Pain? Call 724-986-0100 Now!

Why wait to Erase your Pain? Call 724-986-0100 Now!
Our services include:

Weight Loss Programs
Diet & Exercise Plans
Clinical Nutrition Programs
Trigger Point Therapy
Muscle Pain Therapy
Chronic Pain Therapy
Fibromyalgia Therapy
Post-Injury Recovery
Pain Relief Programs
Corrective Exercise Design

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Robert Metz, Director of the Center for Optimum Health & Pain Therapy:

“…In my experience, most problems can be addressed or eliminated within 2 or 3 pain therapy sessions…”

My first intention as a professional who specializes in pain elimination is to identify a specific muscular pain pattern. Then I seek to correct a client’s posture problems in order to better facilitate structural alignment. And lastly, I conduct an in-depth assessment of problem muscle groups through Range Of Motion testing designed to enhance the ability of a joint to move freely. It’s really hard for muscle groups to keep referring pain if they have been properly restored to full freedom of movement and unbound motion!

Is anyone really meeting your needs?

My name is Robert Metz and I am a Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. I also hold a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition wherein I use a functional nutrition approach to address many health conditions via therapeutic nutritional programs. In my experience, the types of people who are seeking assistance with their health are those who would like to be doing more physical activity but can’t become active due to injury, pain or a degraded health condition. The problem is finding a professional who specializes in pain, muscle dysfunction and health issues that do not necessitate invasive surgery or miscellaneous medications.

That’s where I come in
My approach provides innovative health enhancement solutions and remedies specifically designed to increase quality of life for each client. I believe the client knows his or her body the best. My goal is to address exactly what a client says is challenging him or her as opposed to trying to fit the client into a "one size fits all" process. Different people have different needs... once a client shares with me what those needs are then the process of dealing with those unique challenges or concerns can begin.

If pain or a injury is keeping you down…
Let me help you to erase your pain using trigger point therapy to treat your muscle pain or discomfort that you feel in your joints, limbs, torso, back and neck. If you are suffering from any of these things:

- Lower back pain
- Chronic neck pain
- Shoulder discomfort
- Aching wrists and arms
- Hip problems
- Pains in the knees and feet
- Headaches
then you have come to the right place!