MS Treatment – Beating Multiple Sclerosis

MS Treatment – Beating Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is actually an autoimmune disease. It primarily affects and strikes one of the most important systems in the body, the nervous system. It impacts the spine and the brain. According to various medical researches and studies, multiple sclerosis is the result of the degeneration of the myelin sheath which is the protective insulative layer that covers around the axons of the nerves in the body. When there is damage to the myelin sheath, the nerve impulses and even the signals slow down or decelerate. However, there are also severe cases wherein they stop completely. The minor symptom of MS includes loss of coordination in one hand. The most severe is complete paralysis. Other symptoms include loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness, problems moving extremities, coordination issues, tremors, weakness, bowel and bladder issues, eye problems, cognitive defects, depression, hearing issues, sexual issues and also speech problems.

Presently, medical treatments are very limited. They even come with several side effects. The medications are intended to slow the advancement of the disease. There are even medications that come with steroids, muscle spasm prescriptive pills and also anti-depressants. Basically all your senses are affected and serious damage to your nerves will spread in your system. You have to resolve this as early as possible. This includes modern treatment such as Oriental Medicine for MS or Multiple Sclerosis.

On the other hand, Oriental Medicine has different views and patterns about MS. The first pattern includes assessing and solving the issues regarding phlegm. This can be treated using the said medical treatment. In fact, to clear heat and further infections, acupuncture can be applied in this problem and as a result, it will clear the vessels for strong qi and blood flow.

In addition, the second pattern is the damp heat damaging the sinews. The damp heat can actually cause detrimental damage to the qi which primarily affects the meridians also known as sinew channels. Constantly, dampness and heat is caused by spleen vacuity and liver depression. Hence, treatments involve the toning and strengthening up of the liver and spleen while uncluttering the excess heat and eradicating dampness.

The third pattern as seen in individuals having multiple sclerosis is blood vacuity with wind hyperactivity. When there is actually blood vacuity or deficiency, wind stirs internally which creates muscle spasms and weakness that lead to MS. Blood vacuity or deficiency is a result of unchanged blood. To treat this, calming first the internal muscles, toning the yang and then extinguishing the wind from your internal organ will definitely help a lot. Furthermore, liver blood-kidney yin vacuity is similar to this issue but you need to tone and protect the yin this time.

Actually, liver blood-kidney yin vacuity is like blood vacuity pattern. The only difference is that it does not have any wind stirring that happens internally. It is blood vacuity with wind hyperactivity. This is sometimes the cause of massive internal pain in your spleen because the blood does not flow appropriately and would result to muscle spasms and weakness.

The fourth pattern is the qi and yin dual vacuity which involves both the yin blood deficiency and the spleen qi deficiency. The symptoms involve in this pattern are amenorrhea or heavy menstrual bleeding. The treatment for this pattern is fortifying or strengthening the spleen and also boosting the qi while enriching the yin of the kidneys.

Evidently, multiple sclerosis is a very complex and complicated disease. It manifests in a number of ways. And, each case and patterns varies differently for every individual. Hence, it is important to consult a licensed practitioner to search for proper and effective treatment options.

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